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Another Dose of Iron Man

Another short teaser trailer for Iron Man has hit the Net, this time aimed squarely at the International market. This largely seems to translate to, "Let’s show less of Robert Downey Jr. acting like a smug American jerk and more Iron Man punching swarthy terrorists through walls." I think we’re all on board with that decision.

It’s a great trailer, though sadly sans Black Sabbath’s "Iron Man," which was the brilliant punchline of the first trailer. But one thing that interests me in the juxtaposition of both the US trailer and the International teaser is how much screen-time the silver age, steampunk Iron Man suit gets.

Intuitively, it makes sense: the clunky, servo-powered suit has a lot more visual appeal than the later, more streamlined red-and-gold models. But I think it’s interesting that the most visually arresting crowd-pleaser moment in the trailer happens at the very beginning of the story: Tony Stark builds in captivity his first crude Iron Man suit and kicks the crap out of a cave full of Afghani terrorists with it.

That’s fantastic, but if that’s the best visual in the movie, I worry that Iron Man will be a real drag past the thirty minute mark.

International Iron Man Teaser Movie Trailer [YouTube]

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