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A Million Pulp Magazine Covers, Just For You


Like sifting through a magnificent pile of science-fiction pulp, crumbling and yellowing and crawling with dust mites feasting upon the rotting paper form of a silver 50s Ro-Man, the Sci-Fi Magazine Coverpop is a flash tool for sorting through the vast and exhaustive Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art by Terry Gibbons.

I am a sucker for sites like this. It’s mostly the subject matter: the shimmering flying saucers, the phallic rocket ships hurtling through meteor showers, the rugged American spacemen in their fishbowl helmets pointing retro-futuristic ray guns at bublous-eyed green aliens: it all hearkens to a more exuberant age of science fiction, when sci-fi was the pulp mythology of ten year old boys, featuring relatively simplistic adventurer heroes fighting the extraterrestrial equivalents of Cerberuses and Cyclops with their magic weapons, handed to them by the supernatural being of Futuristic Science.

But the medium of interacting with the thousands of gorgeous pulp covers is a joy in itself. Sure, it’s not easy to search, but imagining stumbling upon a basement filled seven feet high with dog-eared copies of Amazing Stories and Weird Science. To just push your hands into them up to the elbows and root around, pulling out from the pile pictures of weird alien after weird alien. It’s a retro sci-fi enthusiast’s idea of heaven, recreated with Macromedia Flash.

SF Cover Explorer [Coverpop]

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