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A Happy Thanksgiving For The Mist

Happy Thanksgiving, Monsterfesters. It looks like it’ll be happy, too, for all those involved in The Mist, which is garnering generally very favorable reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, the site that culls and averages reviews, has given it a healthy 70 percent positive rating. We like it, too: check out Ravenface’s video feature and my interview, too.

The New York Times belly-ached about the moralizing in the movie, saying, "Until the monsters and the meaning start to emerge, this
shivery story works your nerves far better than most recent horror
does, largely because it knows that nothing scares moviegoers better
than our own overactive, reactive imaginations. This is a film that
knows how to make you jump in your seat simply by showing you next to
nothing: It knows you’ll eagerly fill in the blanks all by your
lonesome, genre-conditioned self."

The ending is quite a bold move, one that some don’t completely appreciate. Says the Chicago Tribune, "As for that ending (very different from King’s), well, it’s certainly
brave. It’s probably braver than it is dramatically effective. But the
film is absorbing, and by the time the ending arrives, you may be
willing to cut it a break, as I was, even if Darabont’s nervy
resolution cuts the audience no break whatever."

Finally, the Seattle Times righteously says, "How do you approach horror when we’ve been living in a culture of fear
for so long? The answer — or at least one of them — is that few things
are scarier than superstition and ignorance trumping reason in
dangerous times. That element, along with a knockout ending that’ll make you say, "Whoa, they really went there,"
elevates the fairly familiar — if well-crafted — material into a ride
worth taking. It’ll look especially familiar to fans of the popular Silent Hill video games, which are said to have been inspired by
King’s 1980 story." Now the question is, can The Mist defeat Beowulf this weekend?

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