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Zombie Star Wars!

ZombdarthvaderI think that while reasonable people may disagree on many things — whether or not Al Gore deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize, the on-going conflicts in the Middle East, the malady responsible for the radioactively-glowing pustules all over my hands &mash; we are all united when it comes to one profound, universal truth: no matter how cool something is, it’s always cooler as a zombie.

Spider-Man? Better as a zombie. Mother Theresa? Zombie. Darth Vader? And that’s when the unrepentant geek’s heart explodes like a Death Star in the paroxysm of his joy.

Sculptor and toy modder Michael Barrera zombifies things. It’s his specialty. But his line of Star Wars zombifications are something else: stock Star Wars sculpturs, their plastic veneers chipped away to reveal pulsating flesh and oozing ligature.

Barrera sells many of his custom creations through eBay (check his personal site for auction listings) but in the latest issue of Toyfare, he also teaches you how to zombify your own Star Wars figure… specifically Slave Leia. I’m going to give it a shot this week: after all, dead girls don’t say no, and Leia was always just so prim and chaste.

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