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Y-Wing Takes Flight, Crashes

The Tattooine-red rocks of Plaster City, California’s lurid expanse of desert are littered with the charred remains of exploded Rebel fighters, and the latest model rocket to scatter itself amongst the smoking metal is the no-nonsense Y-Wing fighter.

You may remember that, last week, the Polecat Aerospace Club launched a model X-Wing rocket into the sky which promptly proceeded to blow up into smithereens. At the time, we idly wondered if a life-sized Y-Wing rocket might have fared better, since it didn’t have the obvious aerodynamic weaknesses of the X-Wing (which, after all, was meant to fly through space, not atmosphere).

The short answer? No. The Y-Wing shared it alphabetic sister ship’s fate. At first, the launch seems a sure thing: it flies straight and true, guided by its trusty R2 unit to the stars. But then it seems to get cocky. It arches its spine back in countergravitational triumph. And that’s when it does an omega turn in mid-air and smashes at 100 feet per second right back into the ground it had, but moments before, contemptuously left.

Now let’s see a model Death Star rocket, guys! At least that one should explode when you launch it.

Y-Wing Beats X-Wing, Gold Squadron Finally Kicks Ass [Gizmodo]

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