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Wong Kar Wai’s Arthouse Sci-Fi

If you’re interested in science fiction as film art, I hope you’ve already seen 2046 (2004), by the visionary filmmaker Wong Kar Wai. You’ll have to look in the foreign language aisle of your video store, but it’s worth the trip. And be prepared to watch it a few times before its shape becomes clear, especially if you’re not already familiar with his work. And if that sounds intimidating, rest assured that his films are such eye candy that just to look at it is a joy.

If you have already discovered 2046, you may be surprised to know that there’s a short sequel to it. Well, maybe better to think of it as a lagniappe. Hired by Philips to make a short film that can be used to showcase their new Aurea 42” flat screen television (which as far as I can tell is only going to be sold in Europe, though at $7000 it’s not like I was going to rush out to buy one), the Hong Kong filmmaker made “There’s Only One Sun,” a 9:35 short that reprises some of the themes and much of the visual style of 2046. You can see it on YouTube (below), but it looks better on the official site.

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