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William Shatner IS The Rocket Man!

William Shatner’s rendition of "Rocket Man" is the single greatest performance of his career. I hate to disagree with my learned colleague Kevin Maher’s post about his favorite SciFi tunes, but if I had a decent audio copy of this I would put it on every mix I ever made.

Of course, just hearing it isn’t enough—you really have to see it. For years I’ve been showing my 18th generation copy of it to friends who never fail to be amazed—at the concept, the delivery, the number of ways Shatner finds to intone the three syllables of the song’s title. And for all those years I’ve prayed for whoever has the original copy to come forward. I was heartened to see pristine moments from it on the otherwise unwatchable Shatner roast a few years ago, but that wasn’t nearly enough.

My prayers have been answered. Here it is, not only in perfect condition but with a bonus intro and outro by Karen Black.

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