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Who’s the Classic Catwoman?

Five actresses have played the role of Catwoman in the Batman movies or on TV.  For some, the greatest Catwoman of them all is Halle Berry, who starred in the 2004 film Catwoman, which airs on AMC tonight at 8pm and Tuesday October 16 at 6pm.

Berry nearly didn’t get the role of the feline fatale. Ashley Judd was originally slated for the lead role but turned it down. Michelle Pfeiffer had such a bad experience with the uncomfortable Catwoman costume in Batman Returns that she declined to reprise the role. (Hard to imagine Ashley Judd not finding the Catwoman costume a bit…snug.)

Is Halle Berry really the best Catwoman of them all? Or are you an old-school Catwoman fan, preferring an actress from the original Batman TV series? Take our poll and tell us who was the classic Catwoman. Oh, and if you need a refresher course, check out our Catwoman slideshow

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