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When Real Life Resembles the Movies

Imagine yourself an innocent 5th grader, sitting quietly in
your classroom learning vocabulary, when suddenly a crazed, blood-spattered deer
crashes through the window. Because that’s what happened yesterday in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

The Bambi Rampage (Bampage?) reminded me that the scariest
films don’t always involve monsters or serial killers or space aliens, but
rather the things we least suspect, the gentle things, the things we see

Sweet kids turn creepy and then murderous in the
bone-chilling thrillers The Bad Seed,
Village of the Damned, The Exorcist and The Good Son. Happy,
peaceful homes reveal themselves to be anything but in Poltergeist and The
Amityville Horror
. An adorable
bought in a Chinatown gift shop spawns much less adorable offspring
because its owner doesn’t take the proper precautions. And all the birds in Bodega Bay go bonkers
for no good reason at all.

Sometimes filmmakers overreach, trying to horror-fy the hopelessly benign – witness Night of the
and its giant bloodthirsty bunnies, or Frogs and its slayers from the swamp (okay, snakes. but frogs?). 

Of Lloyd Road Elementary School’s Cervine Marauder, Larry
Katz, chairman of the Rutgers Department of Animal Sciences, noted that
"We are approaching the breeding season and the males get pretty
aggressive competing for potential access to females." If this particular buck is looking for love
among the human tween set, I don’t have a lot of confidence in his successful
procreation. Which is probably for the

The Birds, Poltergeist II: The Other Side and Exorcist II: The Heretic are playing
this month on AMC.

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