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“What To Do In A Zombie Attack”

A large part of the fun for me of sci-fi movies from the 1950s has to do with the way they reflect the times in which they were made. It was an era of extremes and development, of enormous economic growth and international fearmongering. Even the worst sci-fi films of the time, like Plan 9 From Outer Space, can become fascinating in that context.

Of course the 50s have been analyzed to death in the ensuing decades. The Canadian zombie movie Fido (available on DVD Oct. 23) ties to parody the era’s drive to conformity with a story of zombies put to work as household slaves. It’s a poorly-rendered premise, though the movie still has some laughs, mostly from the performance of Billy Connolly in the title role. (You can check out a pithy review of the move at

Still, the premise is handled better (and more quickly) in this parody, which uses footage from actual government-produced educational scare films of the 50s.

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