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W is on the Way…

… and it won’t be standing for "Werewolf." Not after my "L" entry, which pretty much took care of my basic thoughts on the matter of lycanthropy, etc.

On the subject of basic thoughts: as the ABCs get ever closer to Z, I find myself wondering if I should do another series (as was suggested in the comments to V. Thanks for all the positive feedback, by the way!).

As mentioned before, I’m the the oldest, slowest, and least up-to-date poster on Monsterfest. I never know what horror movies have just come out this week, never know where Rob Zombie is or what exactly he’s up to, and am usually pretty clueless about what the current status of the Hellraiser remake is as well (though I’m always happy to learn about this stuff from my more on-the-ball associates).

So what good am I? I don’t know, but I do know that for me the fun of writing this blog lies is in trying to figure out, as I go along, what really interests me about this or that film. Why does Carnival of Souls stick in my head and Shaun of the Dead drop out of my consciousness the minute it’s over? Writing these posts is a way of forcing myself (Oh my god, it’s Tuesday already. Time to write another blog!) of finding out. In cranking these things out, I find myself discovering themes and connections in different films that I might have been half-conscious of before, but which I never had the time or incentive to really think and write about. It’s kind of exhausting… but basically I like it.

So if anyone has any more ideas for another series, write in and let me know. I’m going to keep thinking about it myself — while I’m puzzling over what to do for "W."

PS — If I had "R" to do again, I think I’d make it "Repetition." That Tanz der Vampire stuff in the comments to V really got me thinking… 

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