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Top Sci-Fi Fashion of 2007

Newman_biosuitScience fiction has given all of us some frankly implausible ideas about what we should expect from technology (where is my George Jetson model suitcase cum flying car anyway, science?) but it’s also let us down in another way: fashion.

We are living in 2007, for chrissakes. According to the movies I grew up watching, we should all be floating around a space station somewhere in snug, form-fitting catsuits made of a shimmering alloy of extraterrestrial origin. This fabric would suck in the beer guts of the men and accentuate the luscious curves of our astro-babes. More over, each of us would possess a dapper, fish-bowl space helmet. And jet packs? Ubiquitous.

None of that’s come to pass. We’ve basically given up on sci-fi fashion. What other explanation is there when something like this list of top sci-fi fashion clothing of 2007 contains things like iPod controlling ski jackets and heart-monitoring jock straps inspires me only to a yawn. Sure, the cancer-detecting bra, that sounds pretty swell. But it’s not exactly the sort of thing Klaatu would saunter around the United Nations in, is it?

Top Sci-Fi Fashion of 2007 [Inventor Spot]

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