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The Last Of The Sci-Fi Jack-O-Lanterns

Pumpkin1_2It’s Halloween, and that means a couple things for the sci-fi geek. One: tonight is the only night of the year in which you can leave your parent’s basement in full Starfleet regalia with full confidence that it will not be your wardrobe that nauseates potential mates away, but only your personality. Two: you only have a few hours left to carve your sci-fi themed jack-o-lanterns. And, most importantly, three: crafty sci-fi bloggers will only get paid for posts about pumpkins by their corporate overlords until midnight tonight, after which point they actually have to start writing about boring, meaningful things, like the WGA strike.

So, by gum, I’m going to capitalize on these next fleeting few hours by sitting here in my Starfleet uniform and point your attention to Slashfilm’s excellent gallery of sci-fi Jack-O-Lanterns. It appears that human ingenuity never wavers when it comes to the prospect of carving an unearthed gourd into the shape of a robot, alien or cyborg, and god bless geeks around the world for it. If not for them, I might have actually gotten something accomplished this month, as opposed to the hours I threw away in a monthlong orgy of Star Wars and Cylon themed jack-o-lantern gazing.

So check out the gallery. It’s the last one you’ll see until next year! As for me, I personally welcome the end of October. Jack-o-lanterns are cool and all, but the bottom line is that if I wanted to spend all my time writing 150 word posts on rotting gourds, I would have founded an agrarian blog.

Cinematic Pumpkin Carvings [Slashfilm]

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