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The Dam Busters Meets The Death Star

Although not science-fiction, one of the most incredible and suspenseful classic films you can watch is Michael Anderson’s 1954 classic The Dam Busters, which tells the story of British bombers trying to destroy Nazi dams by precisely skipping massive, wood-coated bombs across the surface of the river to crack the dams precisely at their water line.

It’s a favorite of mine and if you haven’t seen it, you certainly should. But I would hardly be posting about it if there wasn’t a great sci-fi bent. YouTube user Henry V. Kelper has edited together a phenomenal mash-up of the Death Star run from A New Hope and footage of the dam attack from the Death Busters.

It really works well. After the iconic Williams score and a lazy attempt at the famous Star Wars crawl, Kelper takes the radio chatter from the Rebel’s trench run on the Death Star and uses it to replace the soundtrack from footage of vocal track The Dam Busters. The result is flawless.

It’s not really a surprise that it works so well: George Lucas himself has acknowledged The Dam Busters as an influence on the Death Star battle in A New Hope, and some of the dialogue is nearly identical between the two films. But after seeing this mash-up in all its glory, I find myself really appreciating just how much Star Wars owes to that little film about the British RAF trying to bounce a bomb to blow up a dam.

The Dam Busters A La Star Wars [YouTube]

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