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The Brain Eaters Are Here…For Real

The premise of the 1958 horror film The Brain Eaters (airing on AMC October 24 at 6AM) seems pretty far-fetched at first: the residents of a small town become infected by mysterious insect-like creatures that eat their brains. 

But yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science fact.  A few weeks ago came word of a strange case in Arizona in which a young boy was killed by a microscopic organism that entered his body through his nose and attacked – yes – his brain. It turns out that there really are brain-eating amoebas out there, a deadly organism called Naegleria Fowleri. The organism, usually found in warm, shallow water, has been responsible for 23 deaths over the last decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This year alone, six people have succumbed to the deadly brain-eating bug.

Looks like The Brain Eaters was way ahead of its time. Who knew that a horror film could ever come true? (Except for horror fans, that is.)

While you’re enjoying The Brain Eaters, look for a cameo by a young Leonard Nimoy in his pre-Spock days. Think what a feast eating Spock’s brain would have been.

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