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Steam Wars: Giant Civil War Steampunk Robots

Jefferson_reducI’ll admit I’m a sucker for Civil War era steam punk. It’s in my blood: an ancestor of mine designed the CSS Virginia. But a chance to see rusty locomotive colossi representing the Yanks and the Rebs exchange steel blows over Williamsburg, piloted on both sides by brave, leather-faced American sailors? It’s every teenage science fiction fan’s greatest fantasy. And it’s also a project by Larry Blamaire called Steam Wars:

Steam Wars is about giant steam powered mechanical bipedal vehicles known as Steam Rigs, and more specifically about the three underdog operators of such loud fickle beasts – Tunney, Duff and Cribs. There’s a lovely mini-glossary of some of the words from that world (knotheads, ambulators and rigshape) at the bottom of the notes page, but the real eye candy is on the gallery. I wish him all the best in getting his film treatment made to a film – he’s got a unique and particularly grimy view on steam robots that only makes Steampunk richer.

Larry’s been trying to push Steam Wars through Hollywood for years, to no avail. But if Kevin Conran can push Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow through Hollywood by dint of determined enthusiasm alone, so can Larry. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Steam Wars — Dream Project and Future Film? [Brass Goggles]

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