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Star Wars Themed Rube Goldberg Machine

What qualifies a Rube Goldberg machine as a Star Wars Rube Goldberg machine? 

Can a standard, convoluted, cause-and-effect contraption constructed with string, pulleys, balls, buckets of water and dominoes be classified as a Star Wars contraption if its only connection to the Force is a liberal smattering of Star Wars action figures?

Or must a proper Star Wars Rube Goldberg machine make almost exclusive use of light sabers, laser pistols, R2 units and Millennium Falcons as the agents of movement?

Perhaps the high school kids shown in the video posted here should have done more with their Star Wars Rube Goldberg machine than have Boba Fett zipline down a piece of string and knock over the next domino. But they have my respect for their patience and ingenuity.

Star Wars Rube Goldberg Machine [YouTube]

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