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Showing on AMC’s Monsterfest (Oct. 24 & Oct. 25) Today and Tonight!


On Monsterfest today and tonight, catch these movies:

Hellraiser @ 2PM | 1C — Who is your favorite Cenobite ?

Pet Sematary Two  @ 4PM | 3C

The Frighteners  @ 6PM | 5C


8PM | 7C — This one’s the original, but you can hear what Rob Zombie has to say about his remake.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II @ 10PM | 9C — Should Hellraiser be reinvented, or is it in remake purgatory?

Puppet Master @ 12AM | 11C

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein @ 1:45AM | 12:45C — View photos of Frankenstein’s many incarnations.

Blood of Dracula @ 4:15AM | 3:15C — Vote for Drac in the Toughest Monster VS. Poll

Halloween @ 5:45AM | 4:45C

The Fury @ 7:45AM | 6:45C — Catch our 1-minute video version of this classic.

The Beast Must Die @ 10:15AM | 9:15C

Pet Sematary Two  @ 12:15PM | 11:15C

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