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Should Fatal Attraction Be Remade?

Today word comes from Shock Til You Drop of a remake of Adrian Lyne’s hard-to-beat Fatal Attraction (1987) starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.  The folks who are going to try to best Lyne are the people who made the ultimately formulaic Saw series, particularly producer Mark Burg.

The plot? "It’s a Twisted Pictures take on Fatal Attraction," explains Burg.  "It’s
about a man who misses his plane and gets stuck in town and stays
overnight. He goes to the hotel bar and sees a woman there. They start
looking at each other, he sends her a drink, they start flirting. As
he’s walking over to her, we see him take his wedding band off and he
puts it in his pocket. He ends up back at her apartment. She goes into
the kitchen and pours two drinks, putting something in his. She then
gets undressed and heads into the shower."

Frankly, I don’t know if Burg and company have the stuff to take Fatal Attraction to the next level.  Burg has good horror instincts, no doubt. But Fatal Attraction was more than a horror movie.  It was a classic because it could well have been real and because it took on the bigger ideas of feminism in Glenn Close’s character. It dealt well with the greed-infused Yuppie days of the 80s and with the way lust vies with comfort.  But if Berg and his pals can best Lyne, Burg will be on his way to be a remembered producer well beyond the horror genre for which he’s known now.

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