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Sea Monsters in 3-D

A compelling review by New York Times scribe Matt Zoller Seitz reminds me to tell you to check out the brand new Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. It’s a big 3D Imax/National Geographic production which "is a parade of special-effects money shots with academic
credentials: a snake-necked styxosaurus gorging on schools of fish; families of
flippered, long-nosed dolichorhynchops (a k a dollies) gliding through indigo
water clogged with particulate matter; a 40-foot-long tylosaurus clamping its
jaws around prey, bursting through the surface and soaring into the air like an
immense, razor-toothed dolphin. Step right up." 

Step right up indeed.  This is Monsterfest, after all, and these dinosaurs are going to get in your face. Dang, that breath stinks.

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