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SciFi Scanner for 10/01/2007


• Zombies attack Sydney in the first annual Australian Zombie Lurch.

• It’s officially confirmed that Zoe Saldana is the new Uhura. The Star Trek XI fan sites are really nailing these rumors lately.

• Speaking of Star Trek XI rumors, one rumor that didn’t pan out was Adrien Brody as Spock. But that’s not to say he wasn’t approached.

• For those who just can’t wait until tonight, IESB is hosting five clips from tonight’s episode of Heroes, “Lizards.”

• The equivalent of those tuxedo t-shirts for Star Wars nerds.

• My mother grabs at her underpants and weeps: Adrian Paul says that despite the recent Highlander television movie, The Source, the future of the franchise is unclear after the death of longtime producer William Panzer.

Family Guy’s recent spoof of A New Hope went over so well that they are thinking of making it a yearly thing, much like The Simpsons’ Halloween specials.

• Entertainment Weekly posts their top 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

• The cast of Frasier (sans Frasier) does Star Trek: Voyager. About as insufferable as you’d expect.

• Some real-life Alyx Vanysses from the Half-Life 2 cosplay department. It’s astonishing how Alyx’s completely neutral ethnicity lets pretty much anyone cosplay her effectively… short of caucasian neckbeards, that is.

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