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SciFi Scanner for 10/23/2007

1693538163_2f8fb21270  Build your own Sputnik, courtesy of the BBC. Of course, launching it might be a challenge.

  A Boise 21 year old’s attempt to find and restore a lost episode of Doctor Who.

• UGO asks Hollywood the important questions: Who would win in a fight? A Minotaur with a Trident or a Centaur With A Crossbow? My vote’s on the Minotaur.

• A $30,000 diamond-encrusted gold brooch modeled after C3P0.

• Some interesting thoughts and radical solutions to the declining circulation of science fiction magazines.

• Oil companies finally come up with the ultimate scapegoat for climate change: extraterrestrials looking to perpetuate the destruction of the Earth.

• Rodriguez says Barbarella isn’t dead yet.

• Build your own Optimus Prime costume for Halloween!

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