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Sci-Fi Monsters…In Scale


How many Ewoks can a Zardalu gobble down without getting indigestion? Who would win a slam dunk contest: Metaluna from This Island Earth or Asimon with rocket boots? Who would win in a fight: a Cylon or a Predator? And just how big were the Imperial Probe Droids on Hoth?

It’s hard to tell just how big sci-fi robots, aliens and monsters are when they are all confined to close-up views on your television screen. But where there is even the most flatulent question, the Internet has the answer, and in this case, the question is, "How big are various sci-fi characters in relation to one another?"

It’s a cool list. It’s not exhaustive, but characters from numerous sci-fi movies and television shows are there: Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, E.T., the Bugs from Starship Troopers and the way cool looking Zardalu from some book series I’ve never heard of. Each character is shown at 1cm per pixel scale, showing how they measure up against one another.

As a nearly autistic exercise in science fiction geekery, the project is fascinating, but I’m sorry, those proportions just look wrong. Yoda can’t be the perfect height to give fellatio to an Ewok without stooping. That’s just wrong.

Sci-Fi Aliens In Scale [Site]

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