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Real-Life Transformers Costumes

It was not a sudden surge in the popularity of gigantic robots groin punching each other through skyscrapers that brought The Transformers to the silver screen. From the Leviathan robot that makes its appearance in the third act of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part II to the  Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, giant robots wailing on each other is a timeless refrain in the annals of English cinema and literature.

No, it was the CGI revolution that finally gave Hollywood the ability to adapt The Transformers into a live-action feature film. A guy in a robot suit clomping around a miniature cardboard city making transforming noises with his mouth is fine for Tokyo, but not up to the standards of Hollywood.

But if this YouTube video is anything to go by, I think Hollywood could have made it work. Check these guys out: a gaggle of contortionist nerds who have somehow managed to cut apart old refrigerator boxes into foldable, transformable robot chassies. And all to the dulcet tones of the one, the only Stan Bush!

Transforming Costumes [YouTube]

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