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Poll: Who’s the Scariest B-List Horror Icon?

The evil that haunts our nightmares is not the same for every dreamer. At times, we all tiptoe through our dreamlands, trying to avoid the monster lurking in the shadows. While that shadow might be in the shape of heavy horror hitters such as Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger or Jason, the odd-ball horror icons also stalk through our unconscious — villains like the Wishmaster , the Leprechaun or the Puppet Master.

Although some may scoff at nightmares starring the infamous Chucky from Child’s Play , who hasn’t had to turn a creepy doll toward the corner from time to time? Instead of make you sound out in the comment section, you can anonymously vote for the most terrifying B-list horror icon. Don’t worry, no one will find out your fear of little men in green coats, just vote!

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