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Poll: Which Classic Actor is Today’s Defining Face?

San Francisco journalist Mick Lasalle today comments that, in his opinion, George Clooney is the American actor of our generation, the one who most closely embodies our country’s vision of itself.

It’s a role, he muses, that Kevin Costner held at one point, as did Robert Redford, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, and maybe Paul Newman in their own eras. Lasalle says that when he looks at Clooney, he sees America circa 2007—"Down to earth, ironic, dissatisfied, knowing, slightly apprehensive, wary, capable and a little bit angry."

He also notes that this is an idea he’s still working on. So we’ll ask you: what classic actor most embodies our country as we now know it? (We can only list so many choices, so by all means vote "Other" and tell us in a comment if you’d prefer to nominate someone else!)

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