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On AMC This Weekend: The Last of the Mohicans

470008lastofthemohicanspostersSome facts and trivia to enhance your viewing of The Last of the Mohicans this weekend on AMC:

This was Daniel Day-Lewis’ first film after winning an Oscar as Best Actor for My Left Foot. The role of the strapping forest guide Hawkeye couldn’t be more different from the severely disabled Christy Brown.

Always obsessed with preparing for his roles, Day-Lewis lived in the wilderness for several months prior to shooting, hunting and fishing and living off the land.

Though he scored some attention with his early movies Thief and The Keep, this film was Michael Mann’s return to cinema after the enormous success of his TV series “Miami Vice.”

Many fans love the film’s musical score, which was the work of two composers. Trevor Jones wrote most of the music but left before it was recorded due to “creative differences” with director Michael Mann. Randy Edelman was hired to finish the scoring and to record Jones’ compositions.

Jodhi May, who plays Alice Munro, got dunked in the cold river quite often during the canoe sequences. For her efforts, much of her part was cut when Mann had to trim his initial three-hour cut of the film.

This is one of at least 22 film and television adaptations of James Fenimore Cooper’s novel.

The part of Chingachgook, technically the title character, was once played by Bela Lugosi. (That’s him on the left.)Deerslayeralpha

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