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Nicolas Cage Confronts Naked Burglar!

Nic_cageAccording to the Los Angeles Times, Nicolas Cage’s sleep was interrupted the other night when he confronted a naked burglar in his bathroom. He escorted the man outside where he was arrested by the police. (The burglar gave his occupation as "tailor," by the way.)

Admit it—when you see a headline about a naked burglar caught in a movie star’s home, you think, “Wow, that’s pretty weird.” But when you read the story and learn that the actor was Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage, you think, "Oh, that figures."

It’s not as if Cage himself was naked, or doing anything other than trying to get a good night’s sleep in his own home. Still, over the years he has developed a reputation for weirdness in a lot of his film roles.

That edginess and willingness to take risks is a large part of what endears Cage to us. Even in his most “normal” roles, in films like World Trade Center or National Treasure, we sense that this is not a guy who is going to do the usual hero things in the usual hero ways. The naked burglar couldn’t have picked a more appropriate target.

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