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New Trailer for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

A new trailer for Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem has been released online, and as a fan of the first (which, at the very least, was better than Alien: Resurrection) I’m cautiously optimistic.

One of the things the directors seem to be doing on this one is not making the mistake of the PG-13 route. Earlier Internet peeks at AVP2 indicated it was going to be extremely gory, with plenty of eviscerations, decapitations and acid burns to go around. Gore doesn’t make or break a sci-fi horror film, but when a film with a pedigree as soaked in bloodshed as the Aliens and Predator movies goes PG-13, the editing really seems artificial somehow. How do you do a chestbursting scene without spraying gouts of blood on the screen?

I’m also pleased to see they are returning to the classic creature designs. Paul W.S. Anderson’s beefy muscle-man predators did nothing for me, and I appreciate that the Brothers Strause are also revisiting the ridged-head xenomorphs that AVP eschewed.

My only issue with these films is basically that they are set in the present day, so each film needs to be tightly contained and not influence the continuity of the far-flung and futuristic Aliens series. I would actually love to see one of these films take place post Alien 3, which would allow them to truly impact the canon of the Aliens films, but I think we’re probably seeing a contractual agreement in place to prevent just that very thing from happening.

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