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Network Executives “Don’t Get” Star Wars TV Series


Being a Star Wars fan these days is a lot like being Job from the Old Testament, who went to bed each night thanking God for the bounties of the day, and woke up the next morning to discover that the Deity had decided to cover him with boils or kill his wife or cause a large chunk of bowel to unspool during the morning evacuations. George Lucas may not be God, and he may never kill my wife, but every time he mucks around with Star Wars, he sure does kill any remaining shred of love I had for the franchise.  From Han Shooting first to Jar Jar Binks, it’s enough to make you wonder if the man has ever once sat back and gone to himself, "Gee, is this really a good idea?"

My guess is no: having been surrounded by corporate rectum huffers for most of the last twenty years, George Lucas has no idea when people are trying to warn him that something is a bad idea. He seems incapable of recognizing warning signs.

For example, let’s consider the upcoming Star Wars live-action television show. We all know this has the potential to be wildly successful; surely, any network worth its salt would be chomping at the bit to score the series. Yet Lucas can’t find any takers.

This is what Lucas said to the BBC when he was asked why he was having so much difficulty pitching it to the networks:

Lucas, who joked the series would analyze "the life of robots", said the US TV networks were "having a hard time" comprehending his vision.

"They’re saying, ‘This doesn’t fit into our little square boxes.’ And I say, ‘Well, yeah, but it’s Star Wars."

Dear Mr. Lucas: when privately owned television networks seem reluctant to air a Star Wars live-action television series, maybe it’s time to re-examine your pitch. God knows what he’s telling them: "It’s like Welcome Back, Kotter on Tattooine!"

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