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Model X-Wing Takes Flight… And Explodes!

Remember that life-sized X-Wing model rocket we told you about that the Polecat Aerospace Club put together? They launched it over the weekend. And the launch went very, very wrong.

From the horrified screams of the audience, you’d be forgiven if, for the first ten seconds of this video, you mistook it for one of those Internet videos in which a jet at an air show goes plowing into the stands. But those screams aren’t the screams of people in mortal danger. It’s just the sound of Star Wars fans’ disappointment as the beautiful scale model almost instantly vaporizes.

Members of the Polecat Aerospace Club mentioned before launch that the X-Wing’s eponymous wing configuration would probably leave it vulnerable to "structural issues", but they were confident the model rocket would be recoverable. Clearly, they weren’t expecting the Challenger Disaster of Star Wars model rocket launches.

T-65 X-wing starfighter model launch goes wrong [Live Leak]

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