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Martin Scorsese’s Oscar Curse

ScorseseWould you like to see three new Martin Scorsese movies this year? I know I would!

Back in the glory days of Hollywood, even the top directors cranked out at least a movie a year. In the late 30s, when he was arguably doing his best work, John Ford made an average of three per year.

But of course Hollywood is no longer a smoothly operating assembly line — too many players want in on the deal. This recent article in the Los Angeles Times details what’s delaying a proposed new collaboration between Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. It left me amazed that movies manage to get made at all.

The irony is that Scorsese, who always seems to have a pile of projects he’s interested in,  is having trouble because he finally won an Oscar this year for The Departed. Don’t get me wrong, I liked The Departed, but I wouldn’t call it his best film. Which of these do you think should have been the first film to win Scorsese an Academy Award instead of  The Departed?


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