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Live-Action Star Wars Series Starts Pre-Production

GeorgelucasAccording to Entertainment Weekly, George Lucas is now hustling after screenwriters for his upcoming Star Wars live-action series.

Although Lucas is apparently looking to recruit "writers of real significance" to spend a week at the Skywalker Ranch and come up with ideas for the series, we all know this is going to end poorly. With his too-large head floating god-like above the table, Lucas will make sure, in his high-pitched voice, to instantly dismiss the best ideas brainstormed during the meeting (say, for an episode in which Darth Vader turns into a zombie) in favor of ideas like, "Let’s do an episode about Baby Greedo."

To me, what is slightly more in interesting about the EW piece is the casual mention that the live-action Star Wars series is, right now, only going to be 13 episodes. That’s about a half-season’s worth of episodes, which is a safe bet, but George Lucas was previously talking about a run of one hundred.

Lucas still doesn’t have a network deal, so he’s likely hedging his bets, but it’s hard to imagine a live-action Star Wars series of any quality wouldn’t last four seasons. I’m still hoping for a Firefly-like show set in the Star Wars universe, but I’m not holding my breath.

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