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Life-Sized Jabba For Halloween Parade

Every year, the 501st New England Garrison of the National Guard marches in Woburn, Massachusett’s Annual Halloween Parade. Last year, the focal point of the 501st Garrison’s march was a running light saber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Perhaps it went on for too long to really be very dramatic, but it was the surprise hit of the parade, bringing a pleasing waft of science fiction to a holiday in which horned demons and zombies are overhyped and overexposed.

To follow up last year’s successful Star Wars parade march, the 501st New England Garrison has created an enormous, float-sized, fully-articulated Jabba the Hutt puppet. The 501st Garrison themselves will dress up as all of the characters of Jabba’s Palace on Tattooine — the tentacled belly dancers, the shady bounty hunters, the porcine Gammoreans and the one, the only Max Rebo band.

The puppet looks incredible, although Jabba’s enormous, slathering tongue is currently proving a technical difficulty for the puppet’s creators. That’s worrisome: if Jabba doesn’t spend most of the parade licking the belly of a lithe, buxom service woman in a gold bikini, I’m going to consider the homage a failure.

Come To The Parade And Meet Jabba [Star Wars Livejournal]

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