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Kirk and Spock Get Closer

In my last post, I seemed skeptical that Spock is gay. After all, the man’s been married twice.

But maybe I’m wrong. Gene Roddenberry, after all, commented that he could see a homoerotic relationship between Kirk and Spock, because they were written to be two halves of the same whole. Kirk is a sexy nine to Spock’s ultra-logical six.

Once that is kept in mind, it is not hard to see that the Original Series is saturated with homoerotic innuendo. Every glance across the bridge of the Enterprise between these stalwarts space explorers is a magnetic connection of repressed lust.

No video brings the sexual heat between Kirk and Spock to the forefront more than this fan video mashing up episodes from Star Trek: TOS with Trent Reznor’s song “Closer” off of 1994’s The Downward Spiral. If this doesn’t convince you Kirk and Spock were gay for each other, you’ll at least wish they were.

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