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Just How Scary Is [Rec]?

I’m sure it must be a little frustrating for some of you to keep hearing about this upcoming Spanish horror movie [REC] that’s supposed to be one of the scariest movies in a long time but doesn’t even have U.S. distribution lined up.  Heck, it hasn’t even opened in its home country yet!  But that won’t stop us from stoking the flames of one of the hottest genre films around, as long as it will get this movie to U.S. theater screens that much faster.  I wanna see this thing as much as you guys do!

Now making matters worse (or better, if you’re one who likes long waits) is this new trailer that was made during [REC]‘s premiere at this year’s Sitges Film Festival in Spain, where it won five awards; camera crews filmed the audience and the results?  You can’t fake this stuff, folks.

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