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Halloween Rocks Chicago

Peeps Hobgoblin that I am, I’ve been trolling the newspapers this morning for spooky Halloween news. And there’s no better coverage of our great holiday than in the Chicago Tribune.  Take a look:

1) There’s a great video of a guy who’s got pretty close to the ultimate Halloween display. It looks great, but I’m glad I’m not next door. Thing’s loud and bright.

2) There’s an AP story that talks about a poll stating that minorities are less apt to go trick or treating this time of year.  Find out why.

3) An article on Halloween treats says Jumbo Sprinkles and Peeps Spooky Friends as ‘in’ this year. Yum, marshmallows.

4) Wiccans invaded Rossville, Illinois. Churchgoers are very, very frightened and want to ban them. They’re holding a lot of prayers vigils, too.

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