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Great Engineering Blunders of Star Wars


Fondness for the Star Wars films aside, I think we can all agree that the Galactic Empire has made some really bone-headed logistical and strategic blunders in its time.

The Imperial Walker (shown at left above) is a good example: an intimidating, titanium
tank of devastation that, none the less, can easily be destroyed with a
jump rope. Another bad piece of engineering is the torpedo-sized exhaust vent (shown right) on the first, supposedly indestructible Death Star, the one that leads directly to the power core.

To be fair to the Empire, let’s face facts: abject design incompetence seems to be a prevailing characteristic in the Star Wars universe. In The Phantom Menace, a ten year old boy with no real piloting skills is able to disable an entire armada of war droids invading Naboo by accidentally blowing up the droid-control ship.

College Humor has posted up some of the best examples of the Galactic Empire’s military blunders, along with commentary from the incredulous contractors who attempted — vainly, as it turned out — to talk some sense into Emperor Palpatine… before it all ended with bugging eyes and a Force choke.

Great Military Blunders of the Galactic Empire [College Humor, via SF Signal]

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