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Ghosts of Halloween Past

HalloweenwindowHalloween as we know it has only been around for about a 150 years or so, and the commercialization of it only arose in the last century.  It’s amazing to see how Halloween has turned into a billion dollar industry, but it’s even more remarkable to see where Halloween has already been.  There’s a history to Halloween in America that proves the holiday was around and popular well before John Carpenter, or even Charlie Brown, made it so legendary.

This is part of what makes Keith Milford’s Old Haunts blog so much fun; Milford has scoured the Internet for as much classic Halloween goodies he can find and has come up with a wonderful collection of old ads, costumes, magazines, and (my favorite) vintage photos from Halloweens past that makes this one of the most fun blogs anywhere.  While it’s unfortunate that Milford no longer updates it, Old Haunts remains book marked on my computer in the hopes that maybe one of these days he’ll start adding to it again.  There’s so much classic Halloween material that has yet to be unearthed, and we hope that one of these days Milford will get around to sharing it all with the rest of us.

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