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George Takei Loves Tim Hardaway

I love George Takei. It’s true. And although a small portion of my love is based upon his inimitable stint as Sulu on Star Trek (it is my belief that Sulu will be the hardest person for Abrams to recast for Star Trek XI, largely due to Takei’s sonorous voce basso) , the more moliminous portion of my love goes to Takei for his spectacular coming-out as a homosexual a couple years back.

In fact, George Takei may just be the greatest, most wonderful, most magical homosexual who has ever lived… a claim I don’t make lightly.

As proof, I proudly present this viral video, in which George Takei addresses the confessed homophobia of Indiana Pacers point guard Tim Hardaway. As Takei warns, "I’ll keep my eyes on you, and let it be known, one day, when you least expect it, I will have sex with you!" If only all of the world’s homophobes could be indoctrinated in rainbow love by being pounced upon in a dark alley by a lascivious George Takei.

A Side of Sulu You Have Never Seen before [YouTube]

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