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Furries Vs. Klingons Bowling Night

A couple weeks back, an age-old rivalry between two groups of mutually exclusive geek groups met upon the polished oak floors of their local bowling alley to determine, once and for all, who would reign supreme: Klingons or Furries? Who would you bet on?

If you’re reading this blog, I assume no explanation is needed of the term ‘Klingon’, but ‘furry’ might require a word or two. Furries are essentially people who believe that they were born as animals trapped in human bodies, much like some people believe they are were born the wrong gender. They tend to be obsessed with anthropomorphic animals in a way that seems confusing and frightening to norms, and they often like to walk around in dirty animal costumes like refugees from some dilapidated amusement park. And yes, there is often a sexual side to this: there is a sizable number of furries who enjoy having intercourse in these very same outfits.

As you can see, the furries showed up to the second annual Furries vs. Klingons bowling match in full regalia. In comparison, the costumes of the Klingons were a lot more disappointing… some of the Trekkies didn’t even bother dressing up, or dressed in Starfleet uniforms without bothering to slap on a Klingon forehead ridge or cry out for blood wine.

But perhaps what seems like mere costume laziness on the part of the supposed ‘Klingons’ was actually deft strategy: the Trekkies won at the end of the day, possibly because they weren’t hampered by overly elaborate costumes into adopting an “old granny” between-the-legs bowling technique. Star Trek wins again in the marketplace of absurd fetish geekery!

Furries Versus Klingons: A Bowling Night [YouTube]

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