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Free Scary Movie Scripts

If you’re one of those folks who likes to hunker down and read on Halloween, JoBlo has a passel of scary movie scripts for you to read. These include The Hills Have Eyes, Rosemary’s Baby, Zodiac, 28 Weeks Later and (should I even mention this debacle?) Blair Witch II: Book of Shadows.

When I have the time, I’ll be reading Rosemary’s Baby to get that sick, creepy feeling in my stomach once again. My schoolboy crush (who was five years older: so sophisticated!) made me watch it when I was a mere eight years old. When that shot of Mia Farrow’s naked boob came up on the screen, I, the good Catholic boy, averted my eyes. But, man, I couldn’t sleep well for weeks after that. Everyone from Farrow to Polanski to Cassavetes did such a good job. And Ruth Gordon was my worst nightmare. I shiver right now, thinking about her character.

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