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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster: B-Movie for the Ages

When the name of the movie is Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, you know you’ve entered B-Movie heaven. Actually, the 1965 film – which airs on AMC Halloween morning at 4:30 AM – isn’t so much a B-movie as it is a drive-in movie, the kind that mixes scary scenes with vaguely sexy stuff, the perfect backdrop for making out in the car.

But Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster is worth paying attention to for its so-bad-it’s-good aesthetic, boldly combining cheesy horror, unconvincing aliens, and inexplicably, groups of bikini-clad girls hanging out on the beach. It’s sort of The Amazing Colossal Man meets Beach Blanket Bingo.

In Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, there’s no Dr. Frankenstein,
nor even his namesake monster; instead there’s an astro-robot named
Frank. Wait, it gets better. Invaders from Mars begin kidnapping
bikini-wearing Earth females from school dances and beach-blanket
parties everywhere in order to re-populate their war-torn planet.  That
brings on Frank the astro-robot, who soon does battle with the Space
Monster, who by all appearances, is actually a man dressed in a rubber

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monste
r pulls out all the B-Movie stops –
the shaky handheld shots, the weird camera angles, and most of all,
those young girls in the bikinis dancing up a storm.  It’s a time
capsule from the golden age of drive-in movies, when you could slouch
in the front seat of your car and watch a cheesy robot do battle with a
guy in a rubber suit, and be thoroughly entertained.

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