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Final Girl’s 31 Days of Horror

AnnafarisThis may surprise you to learn, but Monsterfest isn’t the only horror blog out there; no sir-ee, Bob.  One of the best (after ours, of course) is Stacie Ponder’s Final Girl, where she showcases her obsession with horror films with a Dorothy Parker-esqe droll wit and wisdom unrivaled in 99% of the blogoshpere.  She also provides a link to us, so we like her for that reason, too.

In response to a request from Ed Hardy, Jr. of Shoot The Projectionist to come up with a blogosphere list of the 31 greatest horror films of all time (which will be posted on Halloween), Ponder is writing about every one of her top 31 favorite horror films every day this month, and thus far she’s come up with some rock-solid (and offbeat) choices, like the 1989 TV movie The Woman in Black, the original Nosferatu, An American Werewolf In London, and even the Anthony Hopkins killer dummy flick Magic.  Through it all, Ponder (a comic book inker by day) shows her enthusiasm for her choices (and the genre) with a wit that most bloggers wish they had, but probably never will.

Check out this example from the opening to her selection of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later where she starts off with a great zinger about animal rights activists and makes you want to watch the movie all over again:

In Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002), a group of well-intentioned animal-rights activists set a chain of events in motion and ultimately cause the downfall of England- and maybe the world!- just like we always knew they would. Entering a laboratory in the dark of night, the activists release a bunch of monkeys and the such from all manner of cages and machinery. Shockingly, these chimps don’t act like Clyde whatsoever- instead of mugging and sticking out their tongues, they go on the attack and make with the chomp chomp (le chomp-chomp, as the French call it). They’ve been infected with "rage", you see, which makes them mad…and bitey. Soon enough, virtually the entire population of England is mad and bitey and everything goes straight to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Here’s hoping that Ponder has it in her to complete this mammoth task and come up with a posting a day, as promised.  We’ll be checking it out to make sure she does, because we can’t think of a better way to count down to Halloween.

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