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Everything I Know About Mars I Learned From the Movies

In an attempt to teach his daughter how not to do a report on Mars for school, YouTube user rendersan put together this incredibly informative video report about the Red Planet largely culled from everything he’s learned about it through sci-fi television shows, films and comics.

Things I learned about Mars from this incredible report:

— The Martians did indeed invade Earth in their War of the Worlds style Tripods in the Early 50’s, and though we finally defeated them, the resulting devastation left New Jersey an uninhabitable noxious wasteland of poison gases and radiation. The Garden State indeed.

— Mars has ice caps where Superman’s redneck cousins have set up their own Fortresses of Solitude.

— Mars isn’t red because it’s covered with red paint: it’s actually due to the iron content of the soil. Like iron, Mars used to be gray, but it has since rusted.

— Jules Verne was the first and only man to go to Mars in a hot-air balloon, but he mistook it for the moon, resulting in his classic sci-fi novels From The Earth To The Moon and Around The Moon.

— All the martians are dead except for J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who is currently employed by the Justice League of America.

The more you know! Thanks to the always incredible SF Signal for the heads up. This may be the most educational video I’ve ever groggily watched over morning coffee.

Mars Is Amazing [YouTube]

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