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Dracula 2000: What’s in a Name?

Sometimes, the title of a movie can determine whether the picture ever sees the light of day. That’s the case with Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000, which airs on on AMC Tuesday night at 8PM.

Veteran Hollywood script doctor Scott Derrickson tells of landing a job working on the film when he received a phone call from studio head Harvey Weinstein:

Weinstein:   "I just bought this script called ‘Dracula 2000’." 
Derrickson:  "Oh, yeah? Is it good?"
Weinstein:  "It stinks!"
Derrickson:  "So why did you buy it?"
Weinstein:  "Because it’s called ‘Dracula 2000’."

Yes, the title Dracula 2000, along with Wes Craven’s participation as
executive director, was enough to get the film made. Script doctor
Scott Derrickson did do a re-write, but even that version wasn’t quite
up to snuff; the final script was rewritten several more times. In the end, Harvey Weinstein felt he had a film that was as good as its title.

Despite some modern touches, Dracula 2000 is at heart an old-fashioned vampire flick, complete with
eyeball-sucking leeches, decapitations, crucifixes, and punctured
necks. Much of the action takes place in New Orleans during Mardi Gras,
and the city’s gothic churches and cemeteries have never looked
creepier. In fact, the film could well have been titled Dracula in New
. Except that no studio head would ever sign off on a film with that

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