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Downsizing the Classics

Ten_commandments Are the movies getting smaller?

The variety of films currently available for download and
on-the-go viewing isn’t vast, but some of the selections seem mind-bogglingly
wrong for miniaturization. The Ten Commandments? Seriously? Do I want the parting of the Red Sea to look, literally, like a tempest
in a teapot?

Below, some guidelines for a more satisfying teeny-screen

1. Musicals, like Dirty
and West Side Story, or
almost-musicals, like High Fidelity
and O Brother, Where Art Thou, are logical
choices since the audio holds up even if the visuals fall short. The same can be said for dialogue-heavy films
such as The Insider or Crash.

2. Some movies resemble cell-phone games anyway, so they might
not lose much by being shrunk to portable size. If you squint, Deathrace 2000
looks sort of like "Project Gotham," and Step Into Liquid could almost be "Cali Surf."

3. Or perhaps you’re gearing up slowly for Halloween, and you want to
be scared – but not that scared. You can
watch a horror film defanged by tiny-ness, like The Blair Witch Project, Rosemary’s
, Saw or The Sixth Sense.

Once you’re primed and ready for bigger thrills, AMC is
showing Halloweens and Creepshows and Poltergeists galore throughout October.

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