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Does Anyone Remember Nightbreed?

Nightbreed_clive_barker_horror_moviClive Barker’s Nightbreed was supposed to be a big deal.  He was at the height of his popularity, and everyone knew his name from Hellraiser.  There was a ton of marketing for Nightbreed, with that "Lori Thought She Knew Everything About Her Boyfriend" poster plastered all over the mini-malls.  It had a comic book based on it and a TV special.

So why has no one ever heard of it?

Want proof?  Check out its entry on IMDB.  No one has even written a plot synopsis for it.  Nightbreed synopsisless.

The character designs and make-up were, depending on your perspective, either like nothing ever seen before or a return to the special effects glories of the past.  It had David Cronenberg, the director of everything you like, acting in it.  The main dude had a leather jacket.  It’s all totally cool, but I can tell already I’m not going to see any Nightbreed costumes on Halloween.

Sure, it’s got it’s problems, it’s sort of…choppy, but horror fans (that’s us!) usually overlook that kind of thing. People get tattoos of characters and symbols from way worse flicks. What’s made Nightbreed the forgotten stepchild?  I want answers!

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