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Demi Moore: Is She Back for Real?

Demi_mooreNot since Joan Crawford has a major actress given the impression of propelling her career on sheer willpower so much as Demi Moore. Today the Hollywood Reporter announced “Demi Moore is back for real” in its review of her new movie Flawless, scheduled to open in the US on November 30. She plays an executive with the London Diamond Company. Because this is the 1960s, her chances to get any higher in the company are non-existent, so she agrees to help the building’s janitor (Michael Caine) stage a robbery.

Variety calls Flawless “a polished and lustrous exercise in ’60s nostalgia,” while the Hollywood Reporter notes that Moore (who played Caine’s daughter in 1984’s Blame It on Rio) “brings another touch of class to the film.”

Of course Moore has been in more than a few “comeback” films in recent years. Her co-starring role opposite Kevin Costner in this summer’s Mr. Brooks didn’t get much notice; and she was lost in the crowd in last winter’s Bobby, despite a showy role concocted for her by the film’s writer-director, her former fiancé Emilio Estevez.

Demi may be back….but is it for real?

On the other hand, it’s arguable that actresses have to work that much harder than actors because there are so few good roles for women over the age of 30 (Moore turns 45 next month), and that what is seen as career smarts in man is derided as “naked ambition” in women.

What do you think—is Demi Moore a star who isn’t getting her due, or should she find herself a nice TV show to settle into? Before you make up your mind, watch her this week on AMC in the notorious Indecent Proposal. Maybe you wouldn’t spend a million dollars to spend the night with her, but how about $9 to see one of her movies?

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