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Darth Vader In Love

Darth Vader: the second most feared man in the galaxy. A cyborg samurai, his melted flesh hidden behind a suit of breathing apparatuses and black leather, he instills mortal fear into the hearts of all he force strangles.

But behind his black shell eyes well the eyes of a lonely old man. In another life, Vader once knew love. He knew embarrassing teenage melodrama upon the fields of Naboo. He knew the stark juxtaposition between the roughness of a beach’s grains of sand and the creamy softness of Natalie Portman’s genitals. Will he ever find such a perfect love again?

Darth Vader In Love is a brilliantly funny short film following Vader’s sexagenarian stab at romance. And while this probably reveals some incriminating things about me, I think I have to go on record as saying that Vader’s pink lady love is pretty hot. Clad in skin-tight pink leather with that strange vacuum-shaped mask on her face, it’s like a Star Wars Valentine’s Day for sadomasochists. Now to come up with a fun safe word.

Darth Vader In Love [YouTube]

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